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Here in Closing The Gap, we strive to beat the odds by equipping high-potential, high-need students with the skills and knowledge needed in pursuing higher education. We do this by three main segments in our programmes: Mentoring, Enrichment Workshops, and Residential Camps.



Mentoring is the backbone of our programme. Through the mentoring, our Scholars gain crucial support and encouragement to enable them to achieve ambitious goals.


Scholars are paired with working professionals and graduates, who inspire and guide them through the transition into university. They work closely with their mentors to identify their personal goals and interests, as well as work on scholarship and college applications.


Enrichment Workshops

Running parallel to the mentoring programme are regular workshops and enrichment sessions that our Scholars are required to attend. Through these workshops, Scholars are exposed to opportunities, learn about the different pathways to universities, how to write personal statements, practise mock interviews, and build critical thinking and communication skills.


Residential Camps

At our week-long immersive Residential Camp, Scholars stay on campus and experience what being at university is like. They attend lectures, meet university students and career professionals to explore their post-schooling trajectories. We also partner with AccessEd UK to introduce tutorial-style academic enrichment to our Residential Camp programming. We do this by mobilising the passion and expertise of university graduates to tutor Scholars in selected university courses with the goal of building necessary critical thinking skills and raising academic aspirations.

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