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  • I am afraid that my English is not good enough. May I still apply to be part of the CTG programmes?
    We encourage you to submit an application even if you are unsure whether your English is up to standard - we will conduct virtual interviews to assess your spoken communication skills since CTG programmes are run in English. We prioritise being ambitious as well as the willingness to learn and improve. In fact, many of our students also use CTG programmes to improve their written and spoken English!
  • How much do extracurricular activities matter in the application?
    We encourage you to submit an application regardless of your extracurricular experience. You can also write about volunteering experiences or participating in online competitions and webinars.
  • Is the CTG Core programme only open to students in KL and Selangor?
    Yes, the CTG Core programme is open to students in the KL and Selangor region as it is a physical programme. Programme delivery in 2024 will include both virtual and physical elements.
  • If I get accepted, does this mean that I have received a scholarship for my higher education?
    No. The CTG programmes support you to develop your knowledge skills and mindset to help you reach your higher education goals. The CTG programme does not provide scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

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