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A university-access programme for Form 5 & Lower 6 students within the Klang Valley area.

Our Scholars go through a two year programme during which they receive support and post-secondary schooling options, personalised mentoring, and career guidance as they set ambitious goals to achieve their fullest potential.

Why You Should Apply

Gain knowledge of pathways and scholarships to reach university.

Work with a Mentor who can inspire, guide and challenge you to achieve your ambition.

Be equipped with the skills, knowledge and mindsets necessary to excel in university.

Receive personalised support when applying for scholarships.

What We Look For in Our Scholars


Strong Academic Performance

Has sound academic track record:

  • Form 4 students: At least 5As in recent examinations

  • Lower 6 students: At least 5As in SPM

*Students who do not meet the academic requirements may still apply with a strong teacher recommendation


Good English Proficiency

Has proficient command of English:

  • A minimum grade B in recent examinations or in SPM


High Potential And Drive

Demonstrate strong potential and drive to succeed at a high-quality university:

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Evidence of overcoming challenges in the past

  • High level of curiosity and grit


Need/Financial Background

We prioritise students who are in greater need of support:

  • Classified as B40, according to the 2019 Household Income Survey

  • Parents/family members have never attended university

  • Proof of income will be requested during selection

Scholars' Testimonials

“Joining this programme is a series of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and developing a positive mindset…”

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2017 CTG Core

“Throughout the whole CTG programme, I managed to find out my strengths and weaknesses…”

download (5).jfif

Yu Bei

2020 CTG Core

“My mentor helped me a lot to understand my potential…”



2017 CTG Core

“I learned to stretch myself to the best in order to achieve something that I never thought I could achieve…”

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Pui Shi

2018 CTG Core

Download our Brochure For More Information.

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