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Committed to Creating
A Generation of 
Nation Builders 

Board of Trustees

As mandated by our Act, our Board of Trustees comprises industry leaders from the public and private sectors. They work with the Team to set the strategy of the Foundation and maintain strong governance practices to serve our vision and mission. 

Minister of Higher Education

Chairperson (as mandated by our Act)

Dato’ Seri Kalimullah Hassan

Committee Chairperson

ECM Libra Group

Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr. Hj. Shad Saleem Faruqi

Committee Chairperson

Professor of Law at Universiti Malaya

Datin Sri Sharifah Menyalara Hussein

Committee Chairperson

M&C Saatchi

Mastura Marsam

Representative from the Ministry of Finance

Johan Rozali-Wathooth

Bintang Capital Partners

Mazlina Mokhtar

Representative of the Ministry of Higher Education

Vimala Menon

Digi (Board of Directors)

Dato' Munirah Looi

Brandt International

The Team

The Team

The team is responsible for putting the Foundation's strategy into action, be it through direct programme delivery or expansion of the Foundation's giving capacity. Our team of driven individuals from diverse backgrounds is united by our common mission to shape the next generation of Malaysian leaders.

Ida Thien
Acting Chief Executive Officer


Kularetnam Vijayakumar 
Programme  Manager


Muhammad Harun
Office Manager

TID_Janji Politik.jpg

Zainab Afiqah
Senior Executive


Celine Looi
Programme Executive


Raenuga Indran
Marketing & Partnerships


Jit Lee 
Programme  Coordinator


Available Positions


Finance Manager


Marketing Intern

Work Placements

If you do not see an opening that suits you,

we still want to hear from you!

Email us at


Create More Nation Builders.
Partner With Us

Together, we can empower and support a new generation of Malaysian leaders in shaping a better future for themselves and for all communities as a whole.


Become A

A sponsorship of RM120,000 allows a Tunku Scholar to achieve their educational dreams and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

A Donation

Support a Scholar’s higher education journey or stretch your ringgit further by contributing to our endownment fund.

With Us

Accelerate the development of our Scholars by providing personal development, career and networking opportunities.

Should you and/or your organisation be interested in partnership opportunities with the Foundation, you may speak to us here:

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