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“A big part of Closing The Gap is about getting students to think bigger about their education, and how, for some, applying and getting into a top university can be a very real dream.”



2017 CTG Mentor

“Rahman, my Mentee, has given me a new perspective on the challenges faced by students today, and I certainly hope that he has gained as much from the little that I have to offer.”

Asrif Yusoff.png

Asrif Yusoff

2018 CTG Mentor

“When the programme first started, most of my Mentees were shy, reserved and uncertain about their future. Over time, they’ve grown so much in their communication abilities, confidence and clarity towards the future. As a Mentor, this has been a privilege to walk with them through this journey of growth and self-discovery.”

Shannon Wong.png

Shannon Wong

2021 CTG Mentor

“Being a Mentor was a valuable experience. Not only that you get to help bright students to reach their highest potential, but you will also gain priceless lessons from them as well - learning is a two-way street! I was fortunate enough to mentor two bright young girls, both who aspire to give back to the community in the future through public health, policy making, and raising awareness on mental health.”

Nadhirah Rashid.png

Nadhirah Rashid

2021 CTG Mentor

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