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Succeeding in Society: 

Future Ready today.
Succeed tomorrow. 


The FutureReady programme aims to empower youth from under-represented communities to thrive in today’s competitive graduate job market.

In collaboration with Accenture Malaysia, FutureReady upskills students in key areas to ensure a successful career in the professional services industry.

The FutureReady Programme

The programme is designed to support students in enhancing their professional skillsets through workshops, mentorship and presenting a solution pitch.



Participants are individually trained on fundamental consulting skills and knowledge.



Participants are challenged to come up with an innovative business solution to solve a case study.


All teams will pitch their case study solutions to a live panel of judges.

FutureReady Opportunities

Through the FutureReady programme participants will: 


Learn how to problem-solve like a consultant.

Access to mentorship and 
networking with industry  professionals.

Chance to win an education grant worth RM 150,000. 

The FutureReady Programme

The FutureReady programme is designed to support students in enhancing their professional skillsets through workshops, mentorship and presenting a solution pitch.

Participants will learn professional skillsets in project management, problem solving and pitching through sessions led by industry consultants and practitioners.


Impact of The FutureReady Programme



University Students



Public and
private universities



Students from B40 households


Total value of education grants awarded to all FutureReady program participants

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to join the FutureReady programme, you must: 


Undergraduate student from a local public or private university recognized by MQA.

Pursuing a degree in any course except Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry.



Household income of less than RM 5000.00 a month.

Good academic track record with a CGPA of 3.0 and above with high English proficiency


Applications are now closed for the 2022 FutureReady programme. Stay tuned for updates on applications for our 2023 intake!

FutureReady Youth 

Hear from our FutureReady participants and what they have to say about the programme!

I'm grateful for my CTG Mentor Rachel as she guided me throughout my journey in education. From knowing nothing about what’s after SPM, lacking confidence, and hardly saying a sentence in English, I have now completed my degree in Advertising Design with a full scholarship and I am now working in a job that I am passionate about.



2019 Tunku Scholar

Closing The Gap prepared me a lot for pre-university life. Their workshops taught me how to write an excellent personal statement which landed me multiple scholarship interviews, leading up to me to receiving the 1821 Appeal Scholarship at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia.

Copy of Merdeka Campaign Sarniezah.png

Ong Yong Xun

2021 Tunku Scholar

A major turning point in my life happened when I joined CTG. I was exposed to education opportunities I had never known about, ones that allowed me to improve my family's living situation. Today I am pursuing Biomedicine under a full scholarship at Sunway University.

Yeu-Mynn Yeung - picture.jpg


2020 Tunku Scholar

Create More Nation Builders.
Partner With Us

Together, we can empower and support a new generation of Malaysian leaders in shaping a better future for themselves and for all communities as a whole.


Become A

A sponsorship of RM120,000 allows a Tunku Scholar to achieve their educational dreams and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Make A

Support a Scholar’s higher education journey or stretch your ringgit further by contributing to our endownment fund.

With Us

Accelerate the development of our Scholars by providing personal development, career and networking opportunities.

Should you and/or your organisation be interested in partnership opportunities with the Foundation, you may speak to us here:

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