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The Kinabatangan Trailblazer

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Razman Durhan hails from a small town in Kinabatangan, Sabah and grew up in a big family of 8. His dream was to become an Economist, which led him to pursue Economics and Mathematics in University Malaysia Sabah. As the first in the family to pursue higher education, Razman was convicted to change the life trajectory of his community. 

But the path has not been easy. 

After his father fell ill, Razman became the main breadwinner of the family. To sustain his family’s livelihood and university expenses, Razman worked odd jobs as a construction crew and a dishwasher on weekends.

Moved by Razman’s story, AHAM Capital wanted to empower Razman further. In 2020, AHAM Capital partnered with us to sponsor Razman under the 2020 AHAM Capital - YTAR Scholarship. This enabled Razman to study and develop himself under our 2-year leadership development program unshackled by financial worries.

Razman recently graduated with a second class upper from Universiti Malaysia Sabah.    

The 120 Strategy

The 120 Strategy




To commemorate the legacy of YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman, our endowment fund was set up to empower deserving students like Razman through the Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship. Since 2007, we have been awarding 20 comprehensive scholarships each year to high-potential and under-represented Malaysian students to achieve their higher education goals and emerge as young leaders of Malaysia. 


But with your support, we can double that.


Sponsor A Tunku Scholar 

Sponsor a Tunku Scholar

Give The Gift Of A Great Future

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship is an undergraduate development-based scholarship programme that supports high-potential and deserving students in pursuing higher education while developing themselves as young leaders.


The Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship provides a comprehensive allowance package as well as a 2-year leadership development programme to empower them to thrive in university and beyond. 

Comprehensive Allowance

All Tunku Scholars will receive full coverage of tuition fees, monthly and yearly allowances to reduce barriers and ensure students thrive in university.


Leadership Development Programme

All Tunku Scholars will undergo a 2-year Leadership Development Programme which includes leadership conferences, developmental opportunities and mentorship.

You Sponsor, We Manage 

Organisations or individuals who want to give the gift of a great future by sponsoring a Tunku Scholar will not have to sustain the cost of managing it. We will provide end-to-end management of the scholarship from selection to progress reporting. 


Rigorous and holistic selection process with comprehensive metrics and assessments. 


2-year structured leadership development programme for your Scholar managed by YTAR.


Report of your Scholars’ growth in 3 dimensions: academic, leadership and personal.


Monitoring of Scholar's progress and personalised support. 

Partner With Us

Give With Us

Here are some of the ways we work with our partners to give the gift of a great future: 

A sponsorship of RM120,000 allows a Tunku Scholar to achieve their educational dreams and contribute meaningfully to their communities.



As a Foundation, we commit to delivering impactful programmes and amplifying our impact to give the gift of a great future to as many deserving youths as possible.

Proven Impact  

We have supported more than 370 high need and high potential youth to pursue higher education.


Read more about our impact 

Good Governance

The Foundation is governed by an exemplary Board of Trustees and audited by the National Audit Department 

Holistic Approach  

The scholarship utilises a holistic selection approach allowances which focus on the 


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